Cleaning that is done on a weekly or monthly basis is classified as periodic cleaning. This type of cleaning includes: buffing hard-surface floors; spot cleaning or washing walls, door facings, or light switches; flat surface dusting; cleaning upholstered furniture; spin bonnet carpet cleaning; carpet spot cleaning; and washing rest room walls. Additional types of periodic cleaning Building Services performs include:

1). Cobweb removal - As needed.
2). Overhead pipe and ledge cleaning - As needed or at least every other month.
3). Heating and cooling ventilators - Clean weekly.
4). Door mats - Recessed mats are removed and cleaned thoroughly each week. All other mats are cleaned daily.
5). Doors and doorframes - Fingerprints and smudges are removed weekly, more often if required.
6). Upholstered Furniture - Cleaned completely on a monthly basis..

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